How to make cucumber raita/Cucumber raita recipe /শসার রায়তা রেসিপি

How to make cucumber raita/Cucumber raita recipe /শসার রায়তা রেসিপি

Raita is a customary Indian serving of mixed greens that is most regularly utilized as a fixing. It is made with yogurt and a mix of different fixings including cucumber, eggplant, beets, chickpeas, spinach and once in a while even natural product. The cucumber adaptation, which is most mainstream, is very like tzatziki, a Greek yogurt sauce. The huge contrast between the two toppings is flavors and sweetness; raita is typically spiced and frequently delicately sweetened by nectar or natural product. The flavor is sensitive, not overwhelming– cooling, rich and an awesome expansion to hot nourishments. The flavors and herbs fluctuate yet frequently they incorporate mint, dill, parsley, coriander and cumin. Here I'm sharing a cucumber raita formula; I make it with Greek (stressed) yogurt to give it a thicker and more velvety surface. Raita is particularly scrumptious when presented with curry dishes, as it balances the warmth.

Cucumber Raita

Cucumber raita is a standout amongst the most generally made side dish to run with a biryani or pulao. A raita is made of yogurt, mellow zest powders and most loved veggies or natural products. Onions, tomatoes, cucumber are couple of veggies that are frequently utilized.


A cucumber that has been dunked in yogurt and kept in the ice chest. Invigorating, and unquestionably satisfying on the sense of taste as well.

A few people say I'm fixated on Indian sustenance. That is not valid. I simply cherish it. What's more, think about everything the time.

What's more, attempt however many distinctive composes as could reasonably be expected. That is not fixation, is it?

Raita itself is a side dish to the principle supper, normally a curry (for me, at any rate). It comes in different appearances, much like it's sister dish, chutney.

For the most part produced using vegetables and yogurt, raita can be altered in any case you like it.

I especially like this cucumber raita as it's outstandingly fast to make, and the smooth taste of mint and cucumber fit to any primary feast.

The decision of curry, is essential as well. On the off chance that you have your very own top pick, amazing. In case despite everything you're looking then I have a few to prescribe contingent upon the circumstance.

Pass on, the most well known curry on the blog is the vegetarian chickpea curry – and all things considered.

It's fantastically delicious and difficult to get wrong – meaning great outcomes each time without experimentation.

The most straightforward curry I have EVER constructed is this cauliflower curry, and as far as exertion versus taste proportion, I have never discovered a superior curry.

What's more, in spite of the fact that I incline toward cucumber raita with Indian curry to Thai or Asian, this green curry shouldn't be neglected, especially on the off chance that you have every one of the fixings that need eating up!

How do you make cucumber yogurt raita?

Everyone has their most loved level of flavor, regardless of whether it's a mellow, rich dish like korma or tikka masala, or something substantially more sweltering like a vindaloo or phaal.

After broad testing of many, numerous curries, both home-made and eatery made, I can securely say I fall some place in the mid-upper range, with around a madras being my most loved flavor level.

In an eatery I regularly arrange a veggie tikka masala, however 'madras' hot, and I'm glad to state most cooks take care of business. I very prescribe trying different things with this yourself!

Cucumber Raita Salad
Cucumber Raita Salad

A biggest aspect regarding cucumber raita is that the cool yogurt can be utilized to take away any overabundance warmth and flavor – so don't be reluctant to play around with your sustenance.

On the off chance that you do happen to make a curry that is simply excessively hot – don't squander it!

Eat gradually, and take a little spoonful of raita with each nibble. It is additionally conceivable to prepare yourselfto eat spicier nourishments (I'm living confirmation).

What's more, whatever you do, don't drink water to attempt and take away the warmth – it'll aggravate it! Reach for a bowl of raita.


A straightforward formula for cucumber raita, a velvety and cooling Indian sauce. This formula utilizes Greek yogurt for a thick and rich outcome.


1 expansive Persian cucumber, ground 
3/4 glass Greek yogurt
2 tbsp crisp mint, slashed
1 tbsp lemon juice
3/4 tsp nectar
1/4 tsp cumin
1/8 tsp onion powder
Pinch cayenne or red pepper drops
Pinch salt (or more to taste)


1.Grate the cucumber utilizing a cheddar grater with vast gaps. Press the ground cucumber in a cheesecloth or in a work strainer to evacuate overabundance fluid. 

2.In a little blending dish, consolidate the ground cucumber with whatever remains of the fixings and mix until the point that very much joined. Include more salt whenever wanted. Chill and serve.

Formula Notes 

You will likewise require: Cheese grater with substantial openings, little blending dish

ঝটপট আর মজার ডায়েট রেসিপি (৫মিনিটে) /শসার রায়তা রেসিপি/How to Make Cucumber Raita /raita recipe 


টকদই - ১ কাপ 
কাঁচামরিচ - ২ টা
ধনেপাতা- ১ মুঠো 
লবন - ১/২ চা চামচ
চিনি- ২ চা চামচ 
বিটলবণ - ১/২ চা চামচ 
ভাজা জিরার গুঁড়া - ১/২ চা চামচ 
শশা কুচি - দেড় কাপ 
পেঁয়াজকুচি - সামান্য 
লেবুর রস 


  • একটি ব্লেন্ডারের জারে  টক দই, কাচা মরিচ, ধনে পাতা  আর লবণ দিয়ে ভালো ভাবে ব্লেন্ড করে নিতে হবে (যাদের কাছে ব্লেন্ডার নেই তারা কাচা মরিচ আর ধনে পাতা একসাথে পাটায় বেটে টক দই আর লবণের মিশিয়ে নিতে হবে)। 
  • এরপর ব্লেন্ড করা টক দই এর মিশ্রনটা একটা বাটিতে নিয়ে তার মধ্যে চিনি, বিট লবণ, ভাজা জিরা গুড়া শশা কুচি পিয়াজ কুচি আর সামান্য লেবুর রস দিয়ে ভালো ভাবে মিশিয়ে নিতে হবে। 

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