How to Make Shahi Masala powder / শাহী গরম মসলা/বাদশাহী মসলার স্পেশাল রেসিপি

How to Make Shahi Masala powder / শাহী গরম মসলা/বাদশাহী মসলার স্পেশাল রেসিপি

Shahi garam masala is that one loved flavor mix that is impeccably remarkable to Indian food and culture. I will show how to make shahi masala powder. This superb mix of most fragrant flavors of the world currently genuinely relates to Indian cooking, particularly like French herbs de Provence. Barely any flavors or herbs when utilizes on the whole can loans a genuinely supernatural and remarkable touch to the dish, every one of the flavors, the herbs at that point describes accounts of that district. 

Make Shahi Masala

Indian food is a standout amongst the most rich and expanded cooking of the world, and as you cross the nation over, even with slight move in scope, the taste changes, the flavors takes a totally extraordinary notes. Along these lines we have numerous provincial renditions of same garam masala, every last one of them contrast in season profile and related to the essence of that district. Every one of the flavors conveys their elite touch to the dish that is such a great amount of indistinguishable to the locale.

Like Punjabi garam masala must have coriander seeds and some even include dry ginger powder , Kashmiri garam masala normally contains fennel seeds, and Bengali garam masala contains only three C (cinnamon, cardamom and cloves), khandeshi (Maharashtrian) garam masala (contains two sorts of dry red chillies), south Indian garam masala (coriander seeds, chillies and fenugreek at times) et cetera. Truth be told, Every home has their special mystery mix of garam masala.

It is said that you should be a decent masalchi, the person who comprehends the genuine idea of flavors and readies the zest mixes, before one can turn into a built up culinary specialist or cook. The flavors that goes into essential garma masala formula without the provincial varieties are altogether warm and profoundly sweet-smelling. Warm or hot does not implies here that flavors are hot but rather flavors are sufficiently hot to raise the body temperature, along these lines expanding the metabolic rate of the body.

Along these lines, when utilizing garam masala in a formula, utilize sparingly. Only a squeeze is sufficient to draw out every one of those flavor notes.

Not at all like Bengali Cuisine, where each other formula from dals to unadulterated vegan dishes without onions and garlic, calls for garam masala, in different districts it is entirely limited to non veggie lover dishes like meat, poultry and fish. 

How to Make Shahi Masala powder
Bengali Shahi Garam Masala Recipe

There are two different ways of adding garam masala to the dish. One for lighter flavors or stew style dishes, where entire garam masala like entire cloves, cinnamon, cardamoms are utilized. Indeed, even our pulaos and biryanis utilize the entire garam masala. That way the flavors adds profoundly fragrant note to the dish yet without making it excessively hot or warm.

Another way, really my most loved way and this is additionally the conventional method to utilize the garam masala exceptionally in some meat dishes, is to utilize them wet. The flavors alongside entire dried red chillies are absorbed water, at that point pound to a smooth glue. The mixture is then prepared to test the hot mustard oil and fills in each side of the house with its rich and flavourful smell.
For different purposes, I generally (I had never loved any business brand of Garam masala up until now) makes my own particular zest mix, and to vast degree what goes in it, relies on my present perspective, or rather I incorporate the flavors according to my impulses. Each time I attempt to draw out a few varieties in it by including a few or by discarding others, or now and then essentially by playing with the proportions and extents of the flavors utilized.

My Garam masala zest mix is extremely regal in nature, subsequently the name "shahi meaning illustrious", fit to serve the nobles and rulers. What's more, this imperial touch to the zest mixes originates from the scope of prized and fragrant flavors, at times I include dried flower petals too for botanical under tones. This is something I have gained from the specialists and in the event that you had never utilized dried flower petals in zest mixes, at that point please attempt it at any rate once. They are basically hedonic. 


I sourced my flavors, at whatever point conceivable, from "zest nation Kerala". Flavors are less expensive there and furthermore the quality is great, loaded with oils. The fundamental component of my garam masala flavor mix contains an all around mixed blend of cinnamon plumes (tan darker shading one), cardamom (both green and dark), cloves, dark pepper (for warm), mace, nutmeg, kebab chini (cubeb pepper, it loans a sweeter touch to the mix), shah jeera (caraway seeds), star anise (my favourtie one), fennel seeds.

Sun drying the flavors previously mixing is dependably the prescribed procedures to take after, that way the fundamental oils in the flavors are not lost. However, in the event that sun drying isn't conceivable at that point warm a frying pan or tawa. Turn off the warmth and after that spread the flavors straight, hurl it three to four times till the black out whiff of smell discharges.
  • Crush them together. 
  • It would be ideal if you take note of that don't warm dark cardamoms. As they turned unpleasant if warmed or broiled.
  • Another imperative note here for By leaves – the greater part of the garam masala formula calls for dried sound clears out.

Cove leaves are urgent in Bengali food, from cooking a straightforward dal, veggie lover dishes to meat and fish, narrows leaves are ubiquitious all over the place. Be that as it may, we never utilized it in destroyed frame. Infact when I purchased my flavor rack from US, it accompanies a container of destroyed bayleaves. Destroyed narrows leaves are not palatable and hazardous to eat. They are obligated to casue any oesophegal inconvenience or wounds, if gulped by botch. I had a go at cooking it and afterward crushing it to a fine powder, yet that does not take care of my concern. Crushing to a fine powder is extremely troublesome and besides I didn't care for it's powdered taste.

I am minimal old fasioned in that sense. At the point when a formula calls for inlet leaves, I basically include two-three specifically in hot oil. What's more, as I had let you know before that it is fundamental in Bengali cooking, so we have this habbit of licking the entire straight leaf clean before discarding it, when served in a dish. 

শাহী গরম মসলা/বাদশাহী মসলার স্পেশাল রেসিপি|How to Make Home made Shahi Gorom Masala Recipe 


  • শাহী জিরা ১ টেবিল চামচ
  • জিরা ১ টেবিল চামচ
  • মৌরি ১ চা চামচ
  • দারচিনি ৩ টি
  • এলাচ ১০ টি
  • লবঙ্গ ১৫  টি
  • জয়ত্রী ২ টুকরা
  • জয়ফল মাঝারী সাইজের ১ টি
  • শুকনা মরিচ ৩ টি
  • তেজপাতা বড় ২ টি আর ছোট ১ টি
  • সাদা গোল মরিচ ১ চা চামচ
  1. একটি ব্লেন্ডারের জারে সবগুলো উপকরণ একসাথে নিয়ে খুব ভালোভাবে ব্লেন্ড করে গুড়া করে নিতে হবে।  
  2. এবার ব্লেন্ড করা মসলা গুড়াগুলো  একটি  চালনিতে চেলে নিতে হবে। 
  3. এরপর একটি এয়ার টাইট জারে মসলা গুড়া গুলো ভরে ছয়মাসের মত সংরক্ষণ করতে পারবেন।

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