How do you make condensed milk? পারফেক্ট কনডেন্সড মিল্ক রেসিপি

Is condensed milk bad for your health?

Regardless of condensed milk  is extremely wealthy in calories and that is the reason that condensed milk  is utilized in sweetened treats. The dietary estimations of condensed milk  are extremely astonishing and are particularly appropriate for people who get a kick out of the chance to meet their nutritious qualities with little bit measure.

What is condensed milk? 

Condensed Milk  is customarily bovine's drain that has a great part of the water content dissipated and afterward sugar included. I utilize Sweetened Condensed Milk a ton in my heating. On the off chance that you can't discover it in your nation you can without much of a stretch make it yourself at home. It is one of the fundamental fixings in my 2 fixing No Machine Ice Cream. On the off chance that you like your solidified treats somewhat lighter and fruitier at that point attempt my Homemade Sorbet in 5 minutes (No Machine).
condensed milk recipe
condensed milk recipe

Would i be able to make dairy free condensed milk?   

My condensed milk formula contains drain, be that as it may on the off chance that you are sans dairy and additionally like veggie lover heating i likewise have precisely the same however utilizing coconut drain instead of dairy drain. It is similarly as simple to make and it tastes incredible as well. Discover my dairy free condensed milk formula .you can likewise utilize nut milks and different sugars, for example, truvia. See the notes area in the formula for more points of interest.


Stewing milk and sugar on a low, controlled warmth will yield you a thick, syrupy drain. When it cools it will thicken and be prepared to utilize. It will toward the end in the refrigerator for quite a long time on the off chance that you needn't bother with it straight away.


Cooking With Condensed Milk 

Since dense drain contains sugar, it's critical that you read your formula painstakingly to know whether you require dissipated or consolidated drain. In prepared products, dense drain loans delicacy, dampness, and flavor to the formula, and also shading to the outside. Consolidated drain is exceptionally famous for use in treats and desserts—it is a prime fixing in an out-dated key lime pie.
Caramelized consolidated drain is a treasure most loved as a fixing for sweets. It is made by heating up a fixed jar of consolidated drain for a few hours. The can must be allowed to chill off totally before opening to dodge any threat of blast and additionally consume wounds. As charming as this garnish may be, it is simply excessively unsafe, making it impossible to do in the home kitchen. It is a fun treat on the off chance that you are out outdoors and have a start shooting. Bird Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk offers a few safe strategies for making natively constructed caramel.​​
Cooking With Evaporated Milk 
Dissipated drain can stand high temperatures without turning sour, settling on it a decent decision in formulas for adding richness to thick sauces, puddings, and stewing pot formulas. It's additionally great as a covering fluid for breading meats, fish, and poultry. In the event that need be, chilly entire dissipated drain can be whipped, yet it will fall rapidly—whip only preceding serving and don't hope to store any scraps. 
condensed milk uses
condensed milk uses
The common lactose sugar is amassed in dissipated drain, so you may need to decrease the sugar when utilizing it as a new drain substitute in formulas. To substitute dissipated drain for new drain, some entire drain is proportional to 1/2 glass vanished drain in addition to 1/2 container water. In any case, you should substitute for cooking, not for drinking. The extreme high warmth process required to make dissipated drain, and also handling it into tins, does not make for a satisfactory substitute for new drain to drink as a refreshment all alone. It very well may be weakened to use on grain when there's no other option, nonetheless. More established ages frequently utilized dissipated or consolidated drain as a flavor for espresso or tea. 
When utilizing reconstituted dissipated drain in formulas, you shouldn't see any taste distinction whatsoever, with the exception of in yeast bread where the outcome will be marginally sweeter. Vanished drain can be substituted in measure up to sums for cream or creamer in many formulas.

Is condensed milk the same as evaporated milk?

The greatest distinction among dense and vanished drain is the sugar content. Both are made by lessening a percent of the water content from the drain however the consolidated rendition has sugar included which is the reason it's called Sweetened Condensed Milk.

How do you make condensed milk quickly?

Condensed Milk can takes hours to make with perpetual mixing which can be extremely tiring. This fast, simple and easy formula for hand crafted Condensed drain will work in only 5 minutes. Make sweetened or unsweetened consolidated drain with this strategy since you are in charge. 
How regularly have you been in a circumstance when you begin making a formula and understood that you don't have one of the fixings? All things considered, that transpired this previous week. I required dense drain to make my rich semolina pudding. Be that as it may, when I went to get some at the store they were out. So I needed to return old fashioned and make some myself.

পারফেক্ট কনডেন্সড মিল্ক রেসিপি How to make homemade condensed milk recipes 


  • ফুল ফ্যাট দুধ ২ কাপ
  • চিনি ১ কাপ
  • বেকিং সোডা ১/৪ চা চামচ


  • চুলায় একটি প্যানে দুধ দিয়ে চুলার আঁচ লোতে রেখে অনবরত নাড়তে হবে। 
  • দুধে বলক চলে আসলে চিনি দিয়ে আরও ২০মিনিট জ্বাল দিয়ে দুধটা পরিমাণে অর্ধেক করে নিতে হবে। 
  • এরপর দুধে বেকিং সোডা দিয়ে আরও ৫মিনিট জ্বাল দিয়ে কনডেন্সড মিল্কের কাঙ্খিত কালার চলে আসলে নামিয়ে ঠান্ডা করে একটা এয়ার টাইট জারে ভরে ফ্রিজের নরমাল সেকশনে রেখে ১ মাসের মত সংরক্ষণ করতে পারবেন। 

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