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kashmiri dum aloo recipe | how to make authentic kashmiri dum aloo recipe with a point by point photograph and video formula. fiery and seasoned infant potato dish hails from the conventional Kashmiri Pandit food. dum aloo formula is a prevalent curry crosswise over India with a few distinct variants springing up particular to the local necessities. be that as it may, this formula is particular to the Kashmir valley and is set up with the locally accessible fixings.

Infant potatoes in a fiery energetic curd based sauce. A scrumptious dum aloo formula from the kashmiri cooking out of the considerable number of formulas I make with child potatoes, kashmiri dum aloo is the most rehashed one. the reason being its simple and I simply need to get ready rice and a side veggie dish or plate of mixed greens by the side.

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Kashmiri aloo dum by Ehan Food Bank

This recipe of kashmiri dum aloo is more similar to the way the real kashmiri dum aloo is. not the eatery ones. what is served in eateries as kashmiri dum aloo isn't the genuine stuff and is really a rich, sweet sauce based dum aloo.

I have had the fortune of having perusers, who share their conventional formulas with me. one of my perusers shared the real Kashmiri dum aloo that is made by her mom. I gave an attempt and cherished it. her formula has couple of fundamental flavors dislike this formula. I will share her bona fide formula of Kashmiri dum aloo as well. this formula was first adjusted by me from a little palm estimated cookbook I have. from that point onward, I have made this formula commonly.


I have likewise made this dum aloo formula with a couple of assortments of red bean stew powder. I recommend to utilize Kashmiri red bean stew powder or deghi mirch as they are not extremely hot and give a pleasant red shading to the last dish. in the event that you can't deal with the warmth, lessen the measure of the red bean stew powder. kashmir is an extremely cool locale and this hot zesty dum aloo formula is perfect for chilly atmosphere of Kashmir.

this dum aloo has flavors like Kashmiri red bean stew powder, ginger powder, fennel powder which are fragrant and consolidate to give a dazzling warm flavor to the entire dish. have you at any point asked why Kashmiris utilize dry ginger powder and not crisp ginger? though in whatever is left of the Indian food, new ginger is included. any theories? all things considered, I have heard that since Kashmir is far away tucked in the mountains, it used to be extremely hard to acquire new ginger, henceforth the utilization of dry ginger powder. 

this formula of Kashmiri dum aloo does not have any onion or garlic in it. so a no onion and no garlic formula. browned infant potatoes are included this odoriferously spiced sauce. child potatoes assimilate every one of the kinds of the flavors and curd while cooking. when I am shy of time, I sear the potatoes specifically in oil. when I have time, I parboil the potatoes and after that saute or sauté till brilliant. you can pick any alternative you need. 
I generally serve Kashmiri Moo dum with steamed basmati rice. in spite of the fact that you can likewise present with rotis or naan or parathas or roasted rotis or khasta rotis or poori. in any case, I feel it runs best with steamed basmati rice.


• 3 teaspoon kashmiri red chili powder (or deghi mirch). mixed in 2 tablespoon water 
• 1/2 tablespoon ginger powder 
• 1 tablespoon fennel powder (saunf powder) 
• 1 teaspoon caraway seeds (shah jeera) 
• 1 inch cinnamon (dalchini) 
• 3 cloves (lavang) 
• 1 black cardamom (badi elaichi) 
• 4 to 5 black peppers (sabut kali mirch) 
• 1 green cardamom (choti elaichi) - optional 
• 6 tablespoon fresh full fat curd, beaten or whisked till smooth (yogurt or dahi)
• 1.5 cups water 
• 3/4 cup mustard oil for frying potatoes 
• 2 tablespoon fresh mustard oil for making gravy or reserve 2 tablespoon mustard oil from the 3/4 cup that is used for frying potatoes.
• salt as required


1. wash the child potatoes well. brush or scour the mud and so on from them. take 3.5 mugs water in a dish. include the potatoes. 

2. on a medium to high fire heat up the water with the goal that the potatoes are half cooked. 

3. deplete them and permit to end up warm or chill off at room temperature. 

4. strip the potatoes. this errand takes a ton of time do as well, it while tuning in to music or viewing your most loved network program. on the off chance that you need you can keep the strips as well. 

5. with a fork, toothpick or stick, jab openings in the potatoes everywhere. divide them or you can keep them entire on the off chance that they are little. this is done as such that when cooking on dum, the potatoes ingest the kinds of the masala in which they are getting cooked. 

6. whisk the new full-fat curd or yogurt till smooth. keep aside. 

7. in a little bowl, take Kashmiri red stew powder and water. 

8. blend and mix well to get a smooth blend.

Frying Aloo

1. in a dish warm mustard oil till it starts to smoke. 

2. include the parboiled stripped potatoes and start to broil them on a low to medium fire. 

3. with an opened spoon, turn them over while broiling when one side is softly brilliant. 

4. evacuate the potatoes which are brilliant and fresh with an opened spoon. broil them well or else they stay uncooked from the middle. 

5. put them on kitchen paper towels. sear every one of the potatoes till brilliant and fresh. 

6. on the off chance that you need you can again jab gaps in the seared potatoes. this is a discretionary advance.

Making kashmiri aloo dum

1. bring down the fire. expel the additional oil and keep 2 tbsp oil in a similar container. give the oil temperature a chance to descend. in a similar oil, include asafoetida powder. mix well. 

2. at that point include the red bean stew + water arrangement and blend well. be watchful as the blend splutters. 

3. presently include the beaten curd. when you are including the curd, with a spoon or wired whisk, mix ceaselessly, so the curd does not part. include the curd a low fire. 4. in the wake of including curd, add water and keep on blending. 

5. mix and blend exceptionally well. 

6. at that point include fennel powder. on the off chance that you don't have prepared fennel powder than you need to make it. cook the fennel softly on a dish or tava. whenever cooled, at that point in a mortar and pestle pound the simmered fennel seed to a medium fine powder. you can likewise pound in a little zest processor or espresso processor. 

7. include the entire flavors and ginger powder. blend well. 

8. presently include the potatoes. again blend. 

9. season with salt and blend once more. 

10. cover the container firmly with a top. cook the kashmiri dum aloo for 8 to 10 minutes on a low to medium fire. here we are cooking the potato sauce on dum. 

11. the dum aloo sauce ought to wind up thick 

12. you can generally include less or more water contingent upon how thick or thin you need the sauce. in the event that you cook more, the kashmiri dum aloo sauce will decrease more. so relying upon what you incline toward, you can cook for less or additional time. 

13. sprinkle some caraway seeds from the best (discretionary) and serve kashmiri dum aloo hot with naan, rotis or rice

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  • তেল
  • পাঁচ ফোরন হাফ চা চা
  • তেজ পাতা ১ টা
  • দারচিনি ১টা
  • এলাচ ২ টা
  • পেয়াজ বাটা ১/৩ কাপ
  • আদা ও রসুন ১ চা চা করে
  • হলুদ,ধুনিয়া,মরিচ ১/২ চা চা করে
  • তেতুল পানি ১ টে চা
  • চিনি 
  • লবন
  • কাচা মরিচ ২/৩ টা
  • টালা জিরার গুরা ১/২ চা চা
  • আলু গোটা ছোট ১৬/১৭ টা

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Kashmiri aloo dum by Ehan Food Bank

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